Server files


To run a Half-life server you need the hlds_l_3110_full.bin file, which can be downloaded here.

This file is the dedicated Half-Life server for Linux, which is the "base" of all populair mod's. This file is needed
if you want to run a Counter-Strike 1.5, Day of Defeat 3.1 or Frontline Force 1.7 server.

If you want to run a beta 5.2 or beta 6.1 Counter-Strike server, you need the hlds_l3016.tar.gz file, which can be
downloaded here. This file is only necessary, when you want to run a Counter-Strike beta 5.2 or beta 6.1 server.


What can I say, this is the most populair online game at the moment and I think that it will stay that way for a very
long time to come. The graphics are fantastic, gameplay is excellent and the missions/models/sounds are amazing.
When the latest Counter-Strike server was released, they released the 1.5 version, which can be downloaded here.

beta Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike started off as a beta project. The latest beta was Counter-Strike 7.1 which was released on
September 13th 2000. On November 8th 2000 they stopped with the beta's and launched Counter-Strike 1.0

The entire changelog from beta 1.0 to the final 1.5 release can be read here.

A lot of players still think that the beta versions we're better then the official release and start
up servers running the old beta's. The most populair beta's we're beta 5.2 and beta 6.1.

Counter-Strike beta 5.2 Linux server can be downloaded here.
Counter-Strike beta 6.1 Linux server can be downloaded here.

Due to the fact that these two Counter-Strike beta's aren't compatible with the latest Half-Life dedicated Linux server
(hlds_l_3110_full.bin), they are also not connecting anymore to the WON network.

Therefor it is impossible to run a public internet server with the hlds_l_3110_full.bin release, but
it is only playable as a LAN game. Luckily enough some people wrote a little script called "lan_fw" which bypasses
the WON network, and makes your server public to the internet.

You can download this little script here.
I'll will tell more about installing and running that script later on.

Day of Defeat

This mod takes you back to WW2 in the skin of an Allied or Axis soldier.
Very good gameplay and very nice graphics make this one a real populair Half-Life mod.

You can download the Linux server here.

Frontline Force

To be honest I only played this mod only once, cause the only online game that I play is Counter-Strike.
That doesn't mean that I don't like it, cause the graphics in Frontline Force are really nice.
This mod is a bit like Counter-Strike. In my opinion the models used in Frontline Force are even better then in Counter-Strike.
In Frontline Force you can see the lips of the models move when they talk, and they even blink with there eyes.

This mod is certainly worth to check out and running a Frontline Force server takes up to allmost no resources on your machine.

I would recommend everyone to give it a try, and maybe even start up a server with it on it.

You can download the Frontline Force Linux server here.